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Kelvin Edwards
Baby Car Seat Fitting

Professional mobile service, covering all of the Sunshine Coast

Mobile Installations from $50

​Covering the Sunshine Coast, we provide mobile fittings and consultations in the comfort of your own home. Additional seats are only an extra $25 per seat. 


 9am - 2pm - Weekdays 
8am - 1pm - Saturdays

Please note: Some areas of the Sunshine Coast will have an additional fee to cover travel time & fuel costs

Make a booking | Request a quote

The only mandatory fields are email, phone and address, please try your best to fill out the rest as long as it's relevant to what you need done:

height marker.png

By stating yes you are also confirming that your child is above the relevant dotted line 
Please note: If you book an appointment to turn your child forward facing & we have traveled to your address and find that the child doesn't meet the above requirements then we will unfortunately have to charge for the appointment.

We will contact you via your mobile number to complete your booking.

Thank you, we will be in contact with you when we get a chance

Prefer to talk to a human rather than use a booking form?
That's okay! We have a human available named Hayden
Give him a call:

0414 939 209

24 hour cancellation fee

We are based in Currimundi but cover the entire Sunshine Coast, because this is such a large area we rely on our ability to link customers in suburbs together to help keep our travel costs as low as possible. Unfortunately if you do decide to cancel your appointment 24 hours before we are supposed to come see you then that does actually affect us which is why we charge a $20 late cancellation fee.

dates of manufacture.jpg

Is your seat second hand?

Double check that your seat isn't over 10 years old & is in good condition as we are not allowed to install seats if they're over 10 years old based on recommendations from the manufacturers. We have included an image below to assist you with finding the date of manufacture:

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